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Forrest Gump, went to a bus-stop. He began to tell the story of his life. It all starts with a scene were the young Forrest has done an iq-test. The result of the iq-test was to low. He couldn’t go in the normal school. His mother couldn’t accept this and were forced to bribe the man with sex to have Forrest in a normal school.

Forrest met Jenny in the school-bus. They became very good friends and played with each other very much.

The time went on and Forrest became a big boy. His quickness gave him a seat in Alabamas football team.

Forrest joined the army and were sent to the Vietnam war. He made a new friend, Bubba. Bubba died in the the war but Forrest had a promise with Bubba to buy a shrimp boat.

Forrest were hurt and had to go the hospital. He becama a master in table tennis and earned money. He bought a boat, a shrimp boat.



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